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Mont Blanc Express
About Mont Blanc Express

Available: all year round

Example travel costs

Swiss Travel Pass: Montreux/Brig - Martigny FREE, then 44 Sfr return

Half Fare Card: Return from Montreux 55 Sfr; from Brig 62 Sfr

Prices shown include a day pass on the Mont Blanc Express from Martigny, allowing you to get off at any station en route to explore. 

The Mont Blanc Express is a delightful, 90 minute journey which takes you from Martigny in the Swiss Alps to Chamonix in the French Alps. You will pass many scenic locations on the route including mountain villages and gorges before arriving into Chamonix with its glorious views of the Mont Blanc.  

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Martigny, home of the St. Bernard dogs

Starting point of the Mont Blanc Express line, the town of Martigny is surrounded by vineyards and orchards. It has a long history, thanks to its strategic position close to several North-South alpine trading routes. Today, you can visit the restored Roman amphitheatre, thermal baths and temples. 

Why not make time to visit the living museum dedicated to the legendary St. Bernard dogs, who have traditionally been bred and trained in Martigny. As well as fascinating exhibitions about the history and the service the dogs provide, you will be able to meet some of them! You may even be lucky to see puppies, which are born two or three times a year. The museum (Barryland) is reached via a quick bus ride from Martigny station.

Stops along the route

The train stops at many interesting places along the route, which you might like to visit. We recommend sitting on the left hand side of the train for the best views. 

Vernayaz Just a few meters from the station, you can enter the impressive Trient Gorge. A little further on is the famous waterfall of the Pissevache with its 100 meters of falling water.

Salvan The train climbs the steepest section of track before stopping at Salvan. This is where Marconi sent his radio signals and there is a small museum here today. You also have views of the Dailley Gorges.

Marécottes Here there is an alpine zoo - the highest in Europe - as well as La Creusaz ski slope. Marécottes is a resort for nature lovers in summer and winter.

Le Trétien Clinging to the valley slopes, the alpine village of Trétien boasts charming winding lanes and historic wooden buildings. It is also the ideal starting point to explore the Triège Gorge.

Finhaut The resort was a major alpine tourist destination at the beginning of the 20th century, with buildings recognized as national landmarks. Visit Vieux-Emosson and its dinosaur footprints, as well as the Gorges Mystérieuses of Tête-Noire.

Le Châtelard This is the last stop in Switzerland before the border. It is well worth alighting for a visit to the VerticAlp Emosson Park - with the world's steepest two-cab funicular travelling on an 87% incline - and the impressive Emosson Dam. There are beautiful views across to Mont Blanc.

Vallorcine Crossing into France, the train stops at the resort of Vallorcine in the heart of the Aiguilles Rouges massif. Its ski slopes and hiking trails will delight visitors year round.

Charming Chamonix

Welcome to Chamonix at the foot of the imposing Mont Blanc. The resort is a year round favourite, surrounded by a picturesque mountainscape. This is a splendid place in which to relax for a few hours and enjoy those views of Mont Blanc, the 4,810m 'roof of Europe'.

The resort has a lively atmosphere with traditional buildings housing a wide choice of shops, restaurants and cafés to tempt you. It also boasts displays of colourful flowers in the summer and in winter the ski bars are perfect for an afternoon hot chocolate!

Please remember to bring Euros for your time in Chamonix.

Visit the Aiguille du Midi

If you arrive early enough in Chamonix, you might like to visit the famous Aiguille du Midi. The cable car leaves from the centre of town and takes you up to viewing platforms with a panoramic view across the Alps. A lift then takes you up to the highest deck at 3,842m, where you can take in the uninterrupted views of Mont Blanc. Breathtaking! Thrill seekers will love the glass viewing box with 1km of emptiness below your feet and the steel gallery allowing you to walk all the way around the central peak at 3,700m. More gentle viewing spaces are offered through the picture windows, with stunning views of the Mont Blanc.


The Mont Blanc Express starts in Martigny and takes 1 hour 30 minutes to reach Chamonix, with a change in Vallorcine.

Martigny is just 30 minutes from Montreux and 50 minutes from Brig, so a day out on the Mont Blanc Express is possible from either resort. 

Tickets for the Mont Blanc Express can only be purchased at Martigny - we recommend purchasing in the ticket office (rather than on the platform) for slightly cheaper prices.

Please note that you will need your passport for the crossing into France. 

Please check before travel for maintenance closures. 


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Mont Blanc Express in winter

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