Gotthard Panorama Express Scenic Rail Journey 2024/25

An enchanting cruise and rail journey between Lucerne and Lugano

Wattinger Curve on the Gotthard Panorama Express
Another view of Wassen Church on the route of the Gotthard Panorama Express
Flüelen - where you change between boat and rail on the Gotthard Panorama Express
A cruise along Lake Lucerne combined with a scenic rail journey across the Gotthard Pass

Lucerne - Flüelen - Bellinzona - Lugano

Your Gotthard Panorama Express journey starts in Lucerne as you board a restored paddle steamer or an elegant motor cruiser and meander to Flüelen on Lake Lucerne in about 2½ hours. Watch as the sleepy bays, picturesque villages and historic landmarks such as the Rütli and Tellsplatte silently glide by.

In Flüelen, only a few steps away from the pier, you board the train for the rail section of your journey. There is a new, faster tunnel through the Alps, but this trip follows the original looping route and the original tunnel - which is much shorter, so you spend more time amongst the wonderful scenery. The trip takes you through the awesome Reuss Valley with its deep ravines and precipitous cliffs and onto the world-famous Gotthard line, which swiftly climbs from 470m to about 1,100m. Countless spiral and horseshoe tunnels, galleries and bridges testify to the remarkable achievements of the men who built this masterpiece of civil engineering

You'll soon arrive in the lovely Ticino region, where you travel through the Leventina Valley crossing breathtaking cantilevered bridges and passing charming villages on the way to Bellinzona. Stay on board for Lugano or change for Locarno - the choice is yours!

The journey can also be enjoyed in the opposite direction.

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Gotthard Panorama Express suggested holidays 2024/25

Holidays can also be enjoyed in reverse order

Our suggested two and multi centre itineraries can be changed to fit your requirements with higher grade hotels and upgraded rooms. Other route combinations are also available. Call us on 0800 619 1200.

Steamer on Lake Lucerne 8 Day | Scenic Contrasts Holiday

Enjoy a cruise along the length of Lake Lucerne followed by a journey on panoramic train on the looping track through the Gotthard mountains - 1st class all the way.

From £1484 pp More details...
Luzern-Interlaken Express 12 Day | Sunny Lakes & Dramatic Mountains

Italian style in Lugano, a quiet Swiss lakeside village in Central Switzerland, and the sweet mountain air of the high Alps. Travel on the Gotthard Panorama Express and Luzern-Interlaken Express included.

From £1770 pp More details...
Viaduct at Intragna - Centovalli Line 15 Day | Hidden Treasures Holiday

Scenic journeys on the Luzern-Interlaken Express, Lötschberg & Centovalli Lines and the Gotthard Panorama Express. You'll stay in resorts close to 4 of the most beautiful lakes in Switzerland.

From £2463 pp More details...
Bernina Express at Brusio Viaduct near Tirano 8 Day | Mini Grand Tour

Scenic journeys including the Glacier, Bernina, GoldenPass and Gotthard Panorama Express trains. Enjoy the full diversity of Switzerland with overnight stays in 6 delightful lakes & mountains resorts.

From £1671 pp More details...
Steamer on Lake Lucerne 13 Day | Four Lakes Scenic Splendours

Four beautiful lakes surrounded by stunning mountains make for an ideal Swiss holiday. There are three scenic rail journeys to transport you between the picturesque resorts.

From £2258 pp More details...
Glacier Express near Andermatt 15 Day | Grand Scenic Train Tour

The ultimate scenic rail holiday! Experience famous journeys across Switzerland, with the opportunity to stay in and explore the sights of some of our favourite lakes and mountains resorts.

From £2395 pp More details...
Bernina Express 15 Day | The Swiss Experience Holiday

Scenic rail journeys through diverse lakes and mountains landscapes. For that true Swiss experience, you will be able to stay in 5 different resorts, each with its own unique beauty.

From £2574 pp More details...
Holidays with the Gotthard Panorama Express

Your lake journey Lucerne-Flüelen

During the main season, the journey from Lucerne starts with a delightful ride on a restored paddle steamer or modern motor cruiser. There are interior lounges and outer decks for enjoying the splendid views along the whole length of the lake. You can dine on board or enjoy drinks from the bar. 

As a Gotthard Panorama Express guest, you have access to the all the 1st class lounges and decks. If you are travelling on a paddle steamer, you will be able to see many ornate original features as well as marvel at the sight of the mighty engine pumping.  

At times when the official Gotthard Panorama Express is not operating, you can still enjoy the route. You may travel aboard a steamer or a standard modern lake ship - in both cases, the views and on board services are superb.

Your rail journey Flüelen-Lugano

On arrival in Flüelen, you will transfer to the sleek new rail carriages of the Gotthard Panorama Express. Exclusively first class, the train offers huge panoramic windows so that you can immerse yourself in the stunning scenery rolling past. You'll also have a travel guide at your seat and more room to stretch out. A trolley service with drinks and snacks is available throughout. There is also a photo carriage on the train which has windows that open for you to take souvenir pictures.

If you are travelling outside the Gotthard Panorama Express operating period, you can still enjoy the route on standard train.

Gotthard Panorama Express timetable

This scenic journey operates April- October. Please click here to see Gotthard Panorama Express timetables.

An alternative is the direct Treno Gottardo between Lucerne and Locarno on the shore of Lake Maggiore, which operates year round. 

Gotthard Panorama Express prices

We will include the cost of the Gotthard Panorama Express in your tailor-made holiday quotation, including the seat reservation booking fee on the train.

Gotthard Panorama Express day trip

If you are staying in Lugano or Locarno, you may like to enjoy the rail section of this scenic journey as a day trip. Enjoy the historic rail route through the Gotthard region, on the slowly looping tracks that take you up and down the mountains. The scenery along the 3 hour route is superb. Your journey takes place in the first class carriage and takes you to Arth-Goldau, which is a convenient spot from which to visit Mount Rigi, 'Queen of the Mountains'. More details...

Connecting with other scenic rail journeys

We can create a multi-centre scenic rail holiday which combines the Gotthard Panorama Express with other famous trains. 

From Lucerne: travel on the Luzern-Interlaken Express to Interlaken or the Pre-Alpine Express to St. Gallen

From Lugano: travel on the Bernina Express to St. Moritz or Pontresina

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Gotthard Panorama Express at Flüelen

Highlights of the route

Route of the Gotthard Panorama Express

Please click below to discover more about the beautiful sights you will see as you journey along the route of the Gotthard Panorama Express

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Gotthard Panorama Express video

Enjoy a short video of this special train and boat journey