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Lake Brienz

Dream now ... travel later

Switzerland. Close your eyes and picture the majestic mountains. Larch and pine trees creating a swathe of green on the lower reaches; maybe a snowcapped peak or two on the highest crests. The contrast of the blue sky. And the water: sparkling lakes, icy streams gushing with alpine meltwater, scenic waterfalls. Read on for some of our favourite places to dream about in Switzerland.

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Lake Maggiore

The 9 best lakes in Switzerland

Switzerland has some of the most glorious landscapes you’ll find on earth. Ringed by imposing mountains, the Swiss lakes are renowned for their beauty. They entice you with their breathtaking scenery, creating holiday memories to be treasured. We’ve hand-picked nine of the best lakes in Switzerland to help you decide which to visit, and where to stay.

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Bernina Express in autumn

Autumn holiday to Pontresina, with a day trip on the Bernina Express

Read on for a delightful account of a Swiss holiday. The authors had not been to Switzerland before and were delighted to find how easy it was to get around. They enjoyed a few days in Pontresina, relaxing and visiting the local mountains. A day trip on the Bernina Express was a real highlight, with glorious autumn colours and stunning views over the lakes and mountains.

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Glacier Express

The Highlights of the Glacier Express

There’s only one real way to experience the stunning sights of the Swiss countryside, and that’s with the Glacier Express. The self-proclaimed 'slowest express train in the world' takes travellers on an unforgettable journey, showing off some of the country’s most iconic sights. Extraordinary sights. Premium travel. Local culinary delights. Fabulous resorts to stay in at both ends of the journey. A Glacier Express holiday is one you'll remember forever.

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