Glacier Express - Highlights And Timetables

St. Moritz > Chur > Andermatt > Brig > Zermatt

Scenic views from the Glacier Express
Glacier Express in the Rhine Gorge
Glacier Express
The Glacier Express

Fall in love with the Glacier Express

Take the trip of a lifetime on the Glacier Express and experience one of the most stunningly beautiful locations Switzerland has to offer. Cross the Swiss Alps on the ‘world’s slowest express train’ and soak up the sights as you watch the scenic views pass by. In the summer, this journey offers spectacular mountain scenery with stretches of green as far as the eye can see. And in the winter, it is a sight to behold as you travel through the heart of the mountain snowscapes. With over 30 years of experience, we are well versed in creating bespoke itineraries that are suitable for the whole family, down to the very last detail. Immerse yourself in the unforgettable Swiss mountainscape with the Glacier Express. 

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This is the 'world's slowest express train' and it travels along what is one of the most beautiful stretches of railway in the world, linking the famous holiday resorts of Pontresina and St. Moritz with Zermatt.

Experience the one-of-a-kind mountain landscape of the Swiss Alps on this spectacular train journey across viaducts and bridges and through tunnels and ancient gorges.  

You can even enjoy a 3 course meal at your seat as you watch the scenic countryside pass by and learn about the highlights of the route on your English language commentary headphones. The train also has a mailbox, so you can send postcards to tell your family and friends about your day on this famous train. 

The Glacier Express runs daily from December to October each year and is always a joy - why not try a winter journey through the sparkling mountain snowscapes.

How long is the Glacier Express journey

The full Glacier Express journey between Zermatt and St. Moritz is just under 8 hours.

The journey between Brig and Chur is around 4 hours.

  Details of the Glacier Express route

St. Moritz > Chur > Andermatt > Brig > Zermatt

The Glacier Express carves its way through the unforgettable mountain scenery of the Swiss Alps.

The famous alpine town of St. Moritz offers a wonderful blend of nature with elegant shopping and bars, beautifully situated in a landscape of lakes and the stunning high Alps of the Upper Engadin. Pontresina lies just along the valley, a smaller and more tranquil resort. Both are perfect for exploring the mountains and enjoying alpine walks.
Glacier Express at Bergun Preda has been in existence since the railway line was built in 1898. The most spectacular section of the Glacier Express line lies between Preda and Bergün. Six towering viaducts, three spiral tunnels and two helical tunnels make it possible to scale the 400m height difference. UNESCO has recognised this part of the line as a World Heritage Site.
Landwasser Viaduct near Filisur on the route of the Glacier Express At a height of 65m and length of 130m, the Landwasser Viaduct has become the emblem of the Glacier Express. The impressive construction on five walled pillars leads in a curved path with a 100m radius directly into the Landwasser tunnel.
Chur Chur is the oldest town in Switzerland, with a settlement going back around 5,000 years. It is also the main town in the canton of Graubünden. Today, Chur is a bustling town with a wealth of historical architecture. The historical quarter, with its winding alleys and tucked-away squares is an ideal setting for strolling around.
Glacier Express in the Rhine Gorge After the last Ice Age, there were huge landslides at Flims. It was these momentous events that gave rise to the gorge landscape we see here today, which is known as the 'Swiss Grand Canyon'. This section of the river was largely inaccessible until the Rhaetian Railway was opened in 1903.
Glacier Express at Disentis Disentis is the largest Romansch speaking community in Switzerland. The village is visually dominated by the monastery. Both the monastery and the church with its double spires date from as far back as 1683 -1695, making the monastery the oldest Benedictine abbey in Switzerland.
Oberalp When you travel along the Oberalp Pass, the engine pulls the train up to a height of 2,033m above sea level with the help of the cog wheel, making this the highest point of your journey and offering stunning views.
The Glacier Express near Hospental Andermatt was founded by the Walsers in the 12th century. Sights are the Columban and the baroque Church of St. Peter and St Paul. By the Devil's Bridge in the Schöllenen Gorge, you will see the memorial to those who fell in the Russian alpine campaign of 1799.
Stadtplaz, Brig Founded in 1250 in the Valais region, the town experienced a glittering economic rise to the status of a trade metropolis. Kasper von Stockalper set up the trade and transport of goods between France and Lombardy and you can visit his magnificent palace with its arcade courtyard. Brig is the starting point for the fantastic hiking trails into the landscape of the great Aletsch Glacier, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.
Zermatt and the Matterhorn The last section of the journey takes you through wild and romantic larch woods, through avalanche protection structures and tunnels, to the world renowned car-free town of Zermatt. Just before you arrive in the station the majestic Matterhorn, 4,478m above sea-level, looms up before your eyes.The Visp - Zermatt section of the line was opened in 1891. Railway engineers realised that the valley communities would have to look to tourism and the new rail connection did indeed bring prosperity. Today, the tourist infrastructure of Zermatt leaves nothing to be desired.
Glacier Express Timetables

This spectacular train journey links Davos, Pontresina and St. Moritz with Zermatt. Shorter journeys can be enjoyed between Brig and Chur. 

The details below will help you plan your holiday; we will confirm exact train timings with you at the time of booking. 


Winter timetable - 9 December 2023 to 3 May 2024

Please note you will need to change in Filisur for Davos/Klosters

Train number 923'925^

St. Moritz depart 08:5109:42 Zermatt depart

Filisur depart 09:4910:43 Brig depart

Chur depart 11:0511:55 Chur arrive

Brig arrive 15:4016:40 Filisur

Zermatt arrive 17:1018:10 St. Moritz arrive


'Excellence Class on trains 902 and 923

^Not available 2 Jan-2 Feb 2024

Summer timetable - 4 May to 12 October 2024

Please note you will need to change in Filisur for Davos/Klosters

Train number 901 903' 905907
St. Moritz depart07:02 08:51 09:42-
Filisur depart08:01 09:49 10:43-
Chur depart09:26 11:05 12:1414:26
Brig arrive13:40 15:40 16:4018:40
Zermatt arrive- 17:10 18:1020:10
Train number 900 902' 904906
Zermatt depart07:52 08:52 09:52-
Brig depart09:18 10:18 11:1814:18
Chur arrive13:25 14:25 15:2518:25
Filisur arrive- 15:42 16:4220:00
St. Moritz arrive- 16:37 17:3721:00

' Excellence Class on trains 902 and 903

Please note: Glacier Express trains do not run between mid October and mid December each year.

Glacier Express ticket prices

We will include the cost of the Glacier Express in your tailor-made holiday quotation, including lunch on board and the seat reservation booking fee.

Venture through the Swiss Alps

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