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Historic Palace in the heart of Brig

Stockalper Palace
About Stockalper Palace

Available: Tuesday-Sunday, May-October.

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Swiss Travel Pass: FREE 

Half Fare Card: 20 Sfr return from Saas-Fee, 38 Sfr from Zermatt, 42 Sfr from Interlaken

Entrance payable locally: 10 Sfrs per adult, 5 Sfrs per child aged 7-16 years.  

In days gone by, Brig was at the heart of the flourishing trading route across the Alps, as evidenced by the famous Simplon Pass which lies close to the town. Kaspar Stockalper was one of the most important figures in the region's story, a successful merchant and banker of the 17th century, whose legacy is felt today. Visit his castle - which lies in the centre of the town and dates from 1671 - and take a step back into history via the atmospheric cellars, staterooms and arcades.

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Stockalper and his Palace

The impressive Palace was built in the 17th century by Kaspar Stockalper and was at the time the largest private building in Switzerland. Kaspar Stockalper was known as the 'King of Simplon' and was the most ingenious merchant, trading in everything from mineral ores and salt to mercenaries! He documented every single transaction in his books, in seven languages. He was also a military official and politician. 

The Palace has three towers with gilded onion domes and reflects the immensity of Stockalper's wealth. The towers are named for the three kings of the nativity. The Italian renaissance style courtyard features elegant arcades; moving inside the palace you will see the impressive castle hall (with original panels dating back to the 17th century) and rooms decorated with wallpaper and silk paintings designed in Paris. You can also visit the chapel and the rose gardens.

There are guided tours of the Palace in German; a short description of each area is given in English before the start of each tour.

Passage Simplon

One of the newest attractions at the Stockalper Palace is this exhibition about the history of the Simplon Pass.

The alpine crossing is examined from various historical perspectives. You will learn about the construction of the transportation infrastructure, including the Simplon tunnel itself and the first crossing of the Simplon Pass by air from Brig to Domodossola. One room of the exhibit is dedicated to one of the most fascinating figures in the history of the region: Kaspar Stockalper himself. Witness his rise to key player in European ventures and his eventual fall and exile to Italy.

The Palace today

Nowadays, as well as a tourist attraction, the Palace houses the offices of the Brig municipal administration. The extensive gardens are open to all, and are enjoyed by the local people throughout the year. 

Stockalper Palace visits with children

Younger visitors will enjoy immersing themselves in the history of Stockalper Palace and searching for the castle ghost, Franz Michael. The tour is based on the children’s book 'Malo & the Castle Ghost' and takes children on an exciting journey with engaging characters. Children will discover the castle and learn about its history in a fun way: whether in the tower where Malo lives, in the dungeon or when opening the treasure chamber. 


Stockalper Palace is found in the heart of Brig, so you can easily walk to it if staying here. 

If you are staying in the other Valais resorts, you can take the PostBus from Saas-Fee to Brig in just over an hour, or by train from Zermatt which takes 1 hour 25 minutes.

Stockalper Palace can also be easily reached from Interlaken by train in just over an hour. 

Please check before travel for maintenance closures. 


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Stockalper Palace, Brig

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