Lake Maggiore Cruises - Ticino

Leisurely cruises in beautiful surroundings

Brissago Islands, Lake Maggiore
About Lake Maggiore Cruises

Available: all year round (limited timetable in winter).

Travel Costs

Half Fare Card: 19 Sfr for a day pass covering the Swiss part of the lake (Locarno, Ascona and Brissago).  

Please note that your Half Fare Card is not valid for the Italian side of the lake.

Ticino Ticket: 20% discount on a 1 day pass covering Locarno, Ascona and Brissago (Apr-Oct). FREE boat ride Locarno-Tenero-Magadino.

This beautiful lake offers a number of enjoyable cruises, ranging from a trip along the shoreline between Brissago and Ascona or visiting Italy either for a trip to the market at Cannobio or down to the beautiful Italian town of Stresa.

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A range of delightful cruises

A Lake Maggiore cruise will make your holiday in the region unforgettable. From the lake you can enjoy the blue lake with the reflection of the surrounding mountains. There are many pretty villages to see along the shore and you may like to stop at the Brissago Islands - a sub-tropical botanical paradise.


A wonderful way to enjoy the lake. 

Some cruises offer a lunch service, which you may like to book locally in advance or you are permitted to bring a picnic. A bar service operates throughout the day. 

Lago Maggiore Express

Why not stay on the boat into Italian waters, all way down to the end of the lake. Then enjoy a tran ride through the Italian countryside to Domodossola, and a trip on the Centovalli Line back to Locarno. More details...

This is a full day trip which must be booked locally.


There are boat stations in the town centres of Locarno and Ascona and another in Porto Ronco. 

There is a full complement of sightseeing boats travelling across the lake. 

Please remember to bring your passport if you are crossing into the Italian part of the lake. 

Please check before travel for maintenance closures. 


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Lago Maggiore Express at Ascona

More excursions in the region

The Ticino has a distinct Italian influence and it is a joy to cruise to an idyllic village for a lakeside lunch. As well as any number of cruises, there's subtropical gardens and an array of funiculars and cable cars to take you up to mountains which offer panoramic views over the region.

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Your choice of resorts

Morcote village on Lake Lugano

The Italian speaking canton of Ticino occupies the balmy lakelands of the southern foothills of the Alps. There are a choice of lakeside resorts such as Ascona, Lugano, Locarno, all offering cruises, mountain visits, walking opportunities and excellent cuisine.

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