Swiss National Park - Graubünden

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Swiss National Park
About Swiss National Park

Available: June to October, with some limited winter opening.

Example travel costs

Half Fare Cardexample travel - 15 Sfr return from Scuol, 20 Sfr from St. Moritz, 28 Sfr from Davos.

Swiss Travel Pass: FREE travel and entry

A rail journey brings you to the town of Zernez, starting point for exploring the Swiss National Park. Preserved for over a hundred years in its natural state, it is a joy to wander amongst the mountain trees and shrubs on the 80km of prepared walking trails. You may also spot animals such as ibex, marmots and birds of prey.

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Welcome centre at Zernez

Opened in 2008, the visitor centre has plenty of information and knowledgeable staff to help you get the most from your visit to the National Park. The 3D model with its interactive buttons and large screen will also help you visualise the walking trails. In the shop are numerous books and maps as well as clothing, local produces and souvenirs. Binoculars and audio guides can be hired from the information desk. 

The welcome centre also features an exhibition. From ceiling height photography, to interactive displays of the geological origins and what the future holds, this is worth a look to inspire you for the day ahead.

The National Park

The Park was founded on Swiss National Day (1st August) in 1914, with the aims of protecting nature, research and information. The Park covers 170 square kilometres and consists of coniferous forest, alpine grasslands and a rocky landscape in the higher altitude region. 


During your visit you will see various pines, larch and spruce trees. Just a few of the flowers and shrubs which thrive here include glacier crowfoot, pygmy buttercup, Rhaetian poppy, vanilla orchid, edleweiss and alpine clematis. 


The animals which live here are shy, but with your binoculars you are sure to spot some beautiful creatures. There is a population of 2000 red deer, plus alpine animals such as chamois, ibex, marmots and mountain hares. In the skies you can see golden eagles and bearded vultures.

Walking trails

With its 80km network of trails, the Swiss National Park is a hiking paradise. A choice of 21 routes offers something for all abilities since the Park covers altitudes varying between 1,400 and 3,200m.

Information boards help you to appreciate the surrounding flora and fauna as you progress. The Nature Trail is particularly informative and makes for a most enjoyable half day tour. There are plenty of scenic spots for a picnic, but you must take all litter with you. Walking shoes are recommended. 


The closest resort to the National Park is Scuol. 

The welcome centre at Zernez lies on the edge of the National Park and is a good place to start out from. 

To reach Zernez, you can take the train from Scuol, St. Moritz, Pontresina, Klosters, Davos and Chur. A bus also runs across a mountain pass from Davos. 

Please check before travel for maintenance closures. 


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Swiss National Park

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