Rhine Gorge - Graubünden

An awe-inspiring natural gorge

Rhine Gorge
About Rhine Gorge

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Half Fare Card: examples to Ilanz: 9 Sfr return from Flims, 17 Sfr from Chur

Swiss Travel Pass: FREE to Ilanz

10,000 years ago there was a huge landslide in the area which dammed up the river to create a lake. Over time, the river pushed its way through the rubble and the lake drained, leaving us with the amazing sight of the gorge that we can see today. The Rhine Gorge is known locally as 'Ruinaulta', and is also deemed the Grand Canyon of Switzerland.

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Explore on foot

There are several marked trails to enjoy, taking in different aspects of the gorge and suitable for different abilities. 

One delightful, fairly gentle, example is the 3 hour Senda Ruinalta walk which starts and ends in Laax Staderas, taking in forests and the turquoise Lake Cauma. You can stop for a drink at the Conn restaurant and enjoy the view from the 12.5m observation deck 'Il Spir'. From here you have an amazing bird's eye view of the gorge.  

Another 4 hour walk is the circuit from Reichenau to Trin and back, which crosses the river on a 100m long suspension bridge, the Punt Ruinalta.

If you would like to see beauty spots without a walk, you can take the train to Trin and visit the Punt Ruinalta which is moments from the station. Alternatively, take the train to Versam-Safien for views and a café.

Explore by bike

If you prefer to be on 2 wheels, there are 5 bike trails in the area, ranging from 8 to 85km in distance. 

Why not hire an e-bike for a more relaxing tour. There is a choice of rental stations, where staff can offer advice. When your battery is empty, you simply swap it at one of the changing stations (each charge should last around 20km). The engine supports pedalling up to a speed of 25km/h. 

Explore on the water

The Rhine Gorge is one of the most beautiful paddling areas in Switzerland.  

In the towns of Ilanz and Veram you will find watersports companies who can arrange for you to kayak on the River Rhine. There are sections where you will have to work against the current and other calmer sections where you can float and enjoy the fauna and flora which can be observed from the boat. 


The Rhine Gorge covers a large area. We recommend travelling to Ilanz, which is accessible via a short train journey from Chur, or a bus ride from Flims.

From Ilanz, you can purchase a Ruinaulta ticket, which gives you free access all day by train and bus to the various points of interest in the Rhine Gorge area.


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Rhine Gorge

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