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In one of the quietest corners of Switzerland, far away from the cities and larger towns, is a magical area where you can lose yourself in nature's beauty. Albula is an area of in the Graubünden where the high Alps cocoon traditional villages in the lush valleys; where you can enjoy a magnificent railway, recognised by UNESCO; where you can embark on walking trails, breathing in that fresh air and enjoying the pastures and rushing mountain streams. A highly recommended day out for anyone staying in the region.

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Villages of the Albula region

The Albula valley, in the heart of the scenic Graubünden region, is covered with forests and surrounded by mountains which soar to over 3,000m. Along with the Rhaetian Railway routes, there are only a few roads into the area, meaning it has maintained its quiet, hidden away atmosphere. This is where Switzerland's fourth language - Rumantsch - is spoken. 

Our Graubünden resorts are all within easy reach of the region, so you can travel in and explore this secret treasure. Some of the idyllic Swiss villages worth a visit include Wiesen, Bergün, Filisur and Albula. You will find a warm welcome, traditional Swiss food in the cafés and restaurants, and delightful Heidi-like buildings. Enjoy this world away from the world as part of a trip on the scenic railway or during a day on the walking trails. 

Rhaetian Railway

The Rhaetian Railway is the largest Alpine railway in Switzerland, covering 384km in the picturesque landscape of the Graubünden Alps. 

The railway is famed for its ingenious tunnels, bridges and viaducts which were constructed to allow trains to move through the mountains. In fact, the engineering is so masterful and the natural surrounds so beautiful that the combined Albula and Bernina lines have been recognised since 2008 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Glacier Express and Bernina Express both travel along this route.

Nostalgic railway journey

Between May and October, you have the unique opportunity to travel from Davos to Filisur on a historic train, dating from the 1920s. Your trip will take you through the ruggedly romantic Zügen Gorge, over the Wiesen Viaduct to Filisur and the Landwasser Viaduct, the most famous point of the RhB Albula Line. 

Some of the nostalgic railway coaches are over 100 years old and there are also open carriages which allow you to make the most of the spectacular views. Pulling the train is either the legendary 'Crocodile' locomotive or another historic engine. The train operates twice a day in each direction and takes around 40 minutes.

Railway Museum

The Albula Railway Museum in Bergün features around 600 exhibits. Discover more than a century of railway history in and around the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage route between Thusis and Tirano.

Historical railway equipment, films and intricate models of the railway all serve to fascinate visitors. Children and railway fans will particularly enjoy the interactive buttons and switches in the simulator of the legendary Crocodile engine (available Tues-Sun afternoons). 

Walking in the region

Between Preda, Bergün and Filisur lies a magical walking trail with close-up views of mountains, roaring alpine streams and elegant viaducts. 

The Railway Adventure Albula trail runs parallel with the railway line. Experience the same perfect interplay of landscape and technology which the World Heritage Line travellers enjoy - but on your own two feet and at your own pace. 26 information panels along the trail help you to appreciate the surrounding nature and culture.

Section 1: Preda-Bergün, 7km

Section 2: Bergün-Filisur, 9km

Section 3: Filisur-Landwasser Viaduct-Filisur, 5km

In fact, you can even hike the entire route on the 131km Via Albula/Bernina in 10 stages, from Thusis to Tirano, over the Bernina Pass.

Parc Ela

Parc Ela is a National Park, lying in the Albula region and covering 548 square kilometres. Much of the Park is untouched by humans and is teeming with biodiversity, with habitats perfect for pollinating insects including hundreds of species of butterflies and bees. High mountains feature in the middle of the Park but around them are 100km of walking trails, along which you can enjoy traditional villages, pure mountain streams and glorious views.


The heart of the Albula region can easily be reached on the efficient transport network from all the Graubünden resorts (Chur, Arosa, Lenzerheide, Davos, Klosters, St. Moritz, Pontresina and Scuol).

As an example, it's a quick journey from Davos to Filisur (25 minutes), while the trip from St. Moritz to Bergün takes 45 minutes.

Please check before travel for maintenance closures. 


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