The Swiss Trail - Central Switzerland

Historic walking path from Rütli to Brunnen

Wilhelm Tell statue in Altdorf on the Swiss Trail
About The Swiss Trail

Available: all year round.

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Walk through Switzerland's heritage. 

This historic trail stretches around the shore of stunning Lake Uri. The various walks can be combined and planned according to your abilities and the amount of time available. The trail can be walked in either direction and there are connections to the boats, buses or trains at every stop, meaning it is accessible to all.

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Rütli - Seelisberg

A forest path with a gentle ascent.

You can reach the historic Rütli Meadow by cruising across the lake followed by a 10 minute walk from the boat station. Set out on the Swiss Trail from the Restaurant Rütli, following the path which takes you on an ascent of 350m to the village of Seelisberg. 
An easier option is to take the funicular railway from Treib to Seelisberg.

Walking time:                 1 hour          Distance: 2.6km 
Difference in altitude:     350m           

Seelisberg - Bauen

A path with a breathtaking panoramic view of Lake Uri.  

The Swiss Path leads from the funicular station gently upwards passing the chapel of Maria-Sonnenberg. The view over Lake Uri and the Rütli Meadow is breathtaking. You will pass through the forest and after a slight ascent, reach the Castle of Beroldingen with more beautiful views over the lake. The last section is quite steeply downhill and features 850 stone steps take you to the lakeside village of Bauen.

Walking time:                 1½ hours          Distance: 6km 
Difference in altitude:     350m   

Bauen - Isleten

A flat, even path, taking in rock-hewn galleries and the picturesque lakeside. 

The path from Bauen to Isleten leads directly along the lake and is suitable for any weather conditions. The path mostly leads through galleries blasted into the rock face. You will walk through the village of Bauen, passing the boat station and then take a romantic path along the lake. At the boat station for Iselten, you can either travel along the lake or take a PostBus to Isleten or to Altdorf.

Walking time:                 40 minutes          Distance: 2.8km 
Difference in altitude:     0m

Isleten - Seedorf - Flüelen

Follow the lakeshore, then wander through a magnificent nature reserve on the Reuss delta.

From the boat station the path leads directly along Lake Uri on a flat and comfortable path to Seedorf, passing Bolzbach where water power is used to produce electricity. 
Shortly before the village of Seedorf you will turn right into the nature protection area of the Reuss delta. Here you will find various paths which all lead to the Reuss and its fascinating wooden bridge. The path then leads directly to the train, bus and boat station in Flüelen. 

Walking time:                 2 hours          Distance: 7.2km 
Difference in altitude:     0m  

Flüelen - Tellskapelle

A spectacular path through the breathtaking scenery of the old Axenstrasse.

You head north and make your way along the lakeside path through the Usserdorf area of Flüelen, walking parallel to the Gotthard railway line. After crossing the Gruonbach stream you'll walk up to the imposing galleries hewn in the rock which are part of the old Axenstrasse, dating from 1865. 
The path then leads down via 80 stone steps to Tell's Chapel and to the boat station on the lake. 

Walking time:                 1 hour 40           Distance: 4.7km 
Difference in altitude:     75m

Tellskapelle - Sisikon

The romantic path directly on Lake Uri.

From the Tell's Chapel boat station, you follow the lovely path along Lake Uri. You'll cross the old railway bridge of the Gotthard train line and then quickly reach the lake again. Shortly before reaching Sisikon, the path leads up to the very busy Axenstrasse through a small tunnel where you can see a painted 'Uristier' (heraldic animal of Uri) on its northern side. Stone steps will lead you to the village of Sisikon.

Walking time:                 45 minutes          Distance: 3.5km 
Difference in altitude:     75m

Sisikon - Morschach - Brunnen

Fantastic views of the Alps from Morschach, then a descent through the forest to Brunnen. 

From Sisikon, the path leads towards the valley of Riemenstalden, then uphill to a lovely vista over Lake Uri and the Rütli Meadow. Walk downhill past farmhouses to Morschach, passing the parish church. From here, you can opt to take a bus to Brunnen. If walking, it's a slight uphill along the old train lines of the former cog railroad to Axenstein, before continuing downhill through the woods to Brunnen. There are boats, buses and trains connecting to Lucerne.

Walking time:                 2 hours 50          Distance: 8km 
Difference in altitude:     390m


The trail follows the lake path between Rütli and Brunnen.

You can join the trail at various points, reached by the network of boats, buses and trains from Lucerne and Weggis.


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Views from the Swiss Trail

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