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Holidays in the Ticino - Switzerland Sunny skies, Italian style and irresistible cuisine

The Ticino, where the sunshine is hotter due to its location on the south side of the Alps, celebrates its Italian influence where even the pace of life is that bit slower with time to enjoy the finer things of life.
The Italian speaking canton of Ticino occupies the balmy lakelands of the southern foothills of the Alps. It’s radically different from the rest of the country in many ways: culture, cuisine, architecture and even the local people themselves.

The glittering sunshine on the lakeside terraces, subtropical gardens and the stunning natural beauty, all help make this a region of Switzerland that may well surprise you.

Ticino Ticket

The Ticino Ticket will be given to all hotel guests, offering FREE bus and rail travel around the region

Transfer times from Zurich airport are reduced, thanks to the opening of the new Gotthard BaseTunnel through the Alps

Choosing your resort

Lugano is the largest town with a great promenade stretching around the bay of Lake Lugano with the two attractive local mountains of Monte Brè and Monte San Salvatore standing guard at either end of the town. There is a wide choice of wonderful shops and restaurants within the traffic free historic town centre built in the Lombardy style and boasting many piazzas where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Thanks to its mild climate, Lugano is a popular tourist destination in the spring when the camellias are in bloom.

Locarno is a smaller but busy historic town situated on the mainly Italian Lake Maggiore with a delightful lakeside area dominated by inviting Italian cafés and restaurants. The Piazza Grande is considered by many to be the most charming in Ticino with its string of shops and cafés. Since 1905 a funicular railway has connected the striking Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, the site of many pilgrimages at Orselina, with Locarno.

Ascona is a real gem of a small town, beautifully situated just round the bay from Locarno with an idyllic lakeside area and a variety of attractive restaurants. Its artistic and cultural heritage, dating from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, is still very much alive in the old centre of the little town, called 'Borgo'. Many artists who lived in Ascona from the 16th century onwards left behind clear evidence of their talent.

Bellinzona - one town, three castles. Because of its unique geographical position, Bellinzona was once seen from the south as the "key to the Alps" and from the north as the "key to Italy". Once a fortified barrier and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site these three fortresses number among the finest examples of medieval fortification architecture in the alpine region and are well worth a visit. Today, its rich historical heritage, left from the Middle Ages, still lives on behind the charm of this Lombardy town in the foothills of the Alps and on Saturday there is a wonderful local market.

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