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Holidays in Flims - Switzerland A stunning world of forests and mountains, lakes and rivers

Visitors to Flims will find a beautiful world of verdant mountains and turquoise lakes in the midst of dense forests. With 250km of walking trails, this is truly a place to immerse yourself in the alps and enjoy the pure mountain air. Cable cars from Flims and neighbouring Laax and Falera will transport you to this beautiful natural world.

From your Flims hotel you can walk to idyllic Lake Cauma. Here you can swim, relax on the beach and enjoy a meal in the restaurant at the water's edge. The Trutg dil Flem riverside walking trail is also recommended, starting at a magnificent waterfall and following the path the River Flem has carved all the way down to the centre of the village. Also close at hand is the River Rhine itself. 


Visits from FLIMS

Rhine Gorge

The Rhine Gorge was formed over 9,000 years ago in an ancient landslide and the power of nature really is on show here. You can view it from above, cross it on the Punt Ruinaulta suspension bridge, or walk through the gorge itself and experience the mighty Rhine at first hand. The area is naturally popular for rafting and canoeing as well as offering plenty of cycling and walking trails.


Sardona Tectonic Area

This fascinating region is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its geological importance. You can clearly see the different layers of rock and start to imagine how the mountains of the Alps were formed. On a clear day, you can see over 500 peaks from the Cassonsgrat viewing area. If you visit in March or October, you can watch the sun shining through the 19m Martinsloch 'hole' in the mountains, onto the church spire in the village of Elm. 



Historic Chur

Why not head back down the mountain on the PostBus for lunch in Switzerland's oldest town. There is plenty of history to take in as you wander through the narrow streets and pretty squares of Chur, including an 800 year old cathedral. There are plenty of good restaurants and you will find this to be a very pleasant day out. 

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