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Holidays in Schaffhausen - Switzerland The historic old town close to the famous Rhine Falls

The historic old town of Schaffhausen started as a settlement on the banks of the Rhine where shippers needed to unload their cargos to avoid the dramatic Falls. Many of the old guild houses and merchants' houses still survive along with beautifully painted facades in the car free Old Town where shopping along the Virdergasse is a pleasure and photographs are a must.
The ring shaped stronghold of the Munot fortress built in the 16th century stands over the town and a visit to the battlements is highly recommended for its views. There is still a guard who lives in the tower who rings the Munot bell every evening at 9pm, which used to signal the closure of the town gates and local inns.


Rhine Falls
The largest waterfall in Europe is easily reached by a 10 minute bus ride from Schaffhausen, where you will be richly rewarded by this natural wonder which is at its most powerful in June/July. Virtually in the middle of the falls you can stand on platforms which jut out over the Rhine and the castles of Laufen and Worth can be reached by boat.

Stein am Rhein
A popular boat trip or a local train ride from Schaffhausen, is this delightful town of Stein am Rhein, which is certainly worth the journey. This beautifully preserved small medieval town with its half timbered houses, many perfectly painted, flower decked fountains and cobbled streets, abounds with cafés and restaurants where you can relax and soak up the atmosphere before you set out for even more photographs.




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