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Holidays in Bad Ragaz - Switzerland Traditional spa town in the midst of stunning alpine scenery

Visitors have been taking the waters bubbling up from the Tamina Gorge since the 13th century. You can still visit the narrow gorge to see the spring itself, but to actually immerse yourself in the healing water, you should treat yourself to a day in the Tamina Thermal Springs spa which is in the centre elegant Bad Ragaz. 

There are other health-giving pursuits to be enjoyed here too - the surrounding countryside is glorious, with some truly memorable walks to be enjoyed through the lakes and mountains scenery. The cable car to the closest mountain - Pizol - operates from July to mid October.    



Bad Ragaz and its neighbouring resorts make up 'Heidiland' - an idyllic region of pure air, majestic mountains and flowering meadows. The author Johanna Spyri was inspired to use the old hamlet above Maienfeld as the setting for her stories about Heidi. Today this hamlet is known as ‘Heidi Village’ where you can learn more about the author in the local museum and enjoy many walking paths. The full Heidi trail which starts at Maienfeld station takes around 4 hours, a charming journey through history and time.

Walensee and the Churfirsten Mountains

This beautiful blue lake (one of the clearest and deepest in the country) is stunning in itself, but with the backdrop of the Churfirsten mountains it makes for Swiss perfection. You can enjoy a cable car ride high above the lake, or take a boat trip on the water. The Walensee resort in Unterterzen offers a beach, bathing and a restaurant. Naturally there are plenty of walking and cycling trails. 



Sardona Tectonic Area

This fascinating region is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its geological importance. You can clearly see the different layers of rock and start to imagine how the mountains of the Alps were formed. On a clear day, you can see over 500 peaks from the Cassonsgrat viewing area. If you visit in March or October, you can watch the sun shining through the 19m Martinsloch 'hole' in the mountains, onto the church spire in the village of Elm. 

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