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Switzerland - a land of water Experience the country's lakes, rivers, waterfalls and gorges on your Swiss holiday

Switzerland is truly a land of water. In fact, the Jungfrau-Aletsch Glacier alone holds enough to provide a litre to every person on earth - every day for the next five years!

Several European rivers have their source in the mountains here, with the purest glacial water feeding the springs. Further on, the sheer power of it can be seen in the waterfalls and the gorges. Then there are the beautiful lakes to enjoy - visitors can spend a whole day traversing the water on a scenic boat, stopping off here and there at charming villages. An evening stroll beside the water is the perfect after dinner activity in the summer months, and of course, there is always the option for a swim in one of the lidos. 

Here are just a few of the watery highlights which you can discover on a holiday in Switzerland.

Great lakes

The famous lakes are one of the major attractions in Switzerland. With sparkling water and backdrop of mountains, these lakes are a joy to gaze upon from your hotel. You can wander along the lake shore promenades or relax on a café terrace with a drink while you admire the views. Not to be missed are the excursions by boat - the fleets of sleek motor boats and beautifully restored paddle steamers gently sail up and down the lakes, calling at villages and transport stations for journeys into the mountains.

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Mountain lakes

The higher altitude lakes are simply breathtaking, with crystal clear water and stunning reflections of the mountains. You may have to embark upon a short scenic walk to reach these lakes, which in itself is a pleasure. There are plenty of picnic spots and some places will offer a lakeside cafe. You can find Kniepp paths to massage your bare feet as you stroll and during the summer months, you can even take a swim in the midst of all this natural beauty.  

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Stunning waterfalls

Switzerland boasts Europe's highest waterfall - the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. You can experience this natural phenomenon from a boat, or from a viewing platform which juts out over the rushing water. Smaller but equally beautiful falls are found in the Bernese Oberland, including the Giessbach Falls which empty into Lake Brienz, and the mountain falls of Staubbach, Trümmelbach and Mürrenbach. The Reichenbach Falls are forever associated with Sherlock Holmes - visit them via a traditional funicular.

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Famous rivers

Switzerland's mountains protect the sources of three of Europe's mightiest rivers. The Rhine, the Rhone and the Inn all start life in the alpine glaciers and springs here and flow out to neighbouring countries lying to the north, west and east. Switzerland's biggest cities were all founded beside rivers for trading and transport and they remain important to the economy today, as a major source of hydroelectric power. The riverside paths also make for scenic strolls during your holiday. 

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Ancient gorges

Over millenia, the power of water has created some awe-inspiring gorges in Switzerland. Some have become tourist spots in their own right, and are an enjoyable day out, especially when combined with a walk along the hiking trails that lead to them. Upon entering one of the narrow, enclosed gorges you will find fascinating carvings created by the water and views over swirling water. Meanwhile, the Rhine Gorge is an vast open area which is known as the 'Swiss Grand Canyon'.

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Scenic rail by the water

Many of our scenic rail journeys pass by some of the most beautiful stretches of rivers and lakes. The tracks often follow the banks and this means you are afforded specatcular views over the water from your panoramic window. When the trains climb higher, there are also some marvellous bridges and viaducts to enjoy, with the water far below you. There are many examples of scenic journeys with water views. Here are just a few suggestions:

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Spas and wellness

Switzerland is or course famed for its wellness centres and has long been a destination for rest and recuperation. Nothing beats a spa where the mineral waters are as pure as can be, bubbling up from mountain springs. There are plenty of hotels with spa facilities, but we recommend you stay in a resort where a real mineral spa is close at hand. Why not 'take the waters' as visitors have been doing for hundreds of years. 

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