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Regional walking routes Lake Geneva countryside

Mont Pèlerin


From Vevey, take the funicular through the wine village of Chardonne to the slopes of Mont Pèlerin. Follow the trail upwards past the village of Paully and through the fields, which will be filled with narcissus blooms in spring. Little wooden signs with engraved narcissi will guide you. You will then come to the Telecom Tower which features the Plein Ciel lift. Visitors can take a ride to the top of the tower to be rewarded with magnificent 360º views over Lake Geneva, the Rhône valley and the Vevey vineyards. Follow the path down through the woods and take the time for a refreshing drink with glorious views over the vineyards and lake. See the narcissi fields in bloom: mid-May

Walking time: 2½ hours            Distance: 7.4km 
Altitude: 806-1,050m                 Level: Moderate

Les Pléiades


Your journey starts with a picturesque 40 minute journey on the 'Train des Etoiles' from Vevey through the vineyards and alpine pastures to Les Pléiades. Upon arrival you will find a lovely tourist spot from where many walks and bike trails start. If you follow the little wooden signs with the narcissus you will experience lovely countryside with typical Swiss pastures and - in spring - fields full of the delicate white flowers. The walk also links up with the recommended Prantin circular walk. There are a couple of places to stop en route for refreshments and to enjoy the scenic views. See the narcissi fields in bloom: mid-late May

Walking time: 2 hours                Distance: 5.3km 
Altitude: 1,197-1,394m              Level: Moderate

Les Avants


From the train station at charming village of Les Avants, take the little funicular to Sonloup through the narcissus fields. From Sonloup, turn left and follow 'Le Cubly' path. You will soon see an esplanade with a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva. After a further walk through the countryside and forest, you will reach a promontory which offers an incredible viewpoint over Lake Geneva, the mountains and vineyards. This is the 'Cubly' summit. After the ruins of the old 'Salaussex' watchtower, walk down the stairs and turn left onto a small path. and follow the road to Les Avants. The wooden narcissus signs point the way. See the narcissi fields in bloom: mid May

Walking time: 1½ hours            Distance: 5.6km 
Altitude: 967-1,191m                 Level: Moderate



This is a charming trip, starting with a ride from Territet to Glion on the oldest funicular in Switzerland, built in 1883 with a gradient of 57%. It offers a magnificent view of Lake Geneva and the medieval Chillon Castle, also worth a visit during your stay. Start your walk from Glion, which is suitable for all and takes you along footpaths through lush pastures and forests. Throughout the 90 minute walk, there are hamlets, streams and fields of flowers. On your return to Glion, you can enjoy a drink in a café and look out over the Swiss Riviera. See the narcissi fields in bloom: early-mid May


Walking time: 1½ hours            Distance: 3.7km 
Altitude: 613-810m                    Level: Easy



The train takes you from Montreux to Caux through forests and pastures in just 25 minutes. Caux Palace was an elite holiday destination from the start of the 20th century and today you can visit the museum with its Belle Epoque artefacts and for panoramic views over the lake. You could then start the walk past the Anglican church and through fields filled with flowers in spring. At the highest point, you could stop at the Hostellerie de Caux, which serves traditional fondue and has a terrace with lovely views. On your walk back downhill you'll pass the site of the natural ice rink in the middle of the forest. See the narcissi fields in bloom: mid- late May

Walking time: 1 hour                  Distance: 2.3km 
Altitude: 1,041-1,157m              Level: Easy

Staying in the Lake Geneva region

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More things to see and do in the Lake Geneva region

There are so many wonderful days out to enjoy in this beautiful area. Enjoy a leisurely cruise on a nostalgic paddle steamer, walks through vineyards and narcissi fields, historical sites and journeys to unforgettable mountain beauty spots. 

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