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Glasi Hergiswil (Glass Factory) - Central Switzerland Fascinating glassworks, a boat ride from Lucerne

From Lucerne 8 Sfr or 6 Sfr with your Half Fare Card. FREE travel with the Tell Pass and the Swiss Travel Pass.  

Entrance payable locally: Museum 7 Sfr per adult and child over 10 years; Glass Labyrinth 5 Sfr per adult and child over 10 years


Glasi Hergiswil is the only glass works in Switzerland where glass is manually shaped and blown into unique contemporary forms. A visit to Glasi Hergiswil is an adventure. You can watch the glassblowers at their work, visit the museum and the Glasi Park, and purchase beautiful souvenirs.

Open from 09.00-18.00 Monday to Friday, from 09.00-16.00 on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.




Glass Labyrinth: Expect to be enchanted! This is a unique adventure, combining a special light show and a specially composed Glasi sound world. You will be given slippers and gloves for your tour of the labyrinth when you purchase a ticket at the entrance.

Blow Your Own Glass: This is a popular attraction. Using a special small-scale furnace, the same glass is melted on the spectators’ grandstand as in the big furnace. A glassmaker takes the liquid glass from the furnace with a pipe, forms a ball and gets it ready for blowing. Now visitors can blow their own ball. After it has been allowed to cool for about a quarter of an hour, you can collect the Glasi souvenir you have created yourself and take it home with you. (An important note is regarding how long your souvenir will last. As the ball has not been allowed to cool slowly in the cooling furnace (a process normally lasting hours), the glass has inner stress. It may shatter on the day after your visit, or in a year’s time. But then again, it could last a lifetime!).  

Professional Glassblowers: You have an ideal view of the glassmakers’ platform, in order to observe the craftsmen working.

Museum: The 'Formed by Fire' museum tells the story of glass and of Glasi Hergiswil in particular. Rooms with different presentations detail the development of the craft. Let yourself be captivated by the fascinating story. The shop offers beautiful souvenirs.

Glasi Park: The Glasi Park features a 7m high marble run, a long slide (reinforced with fibreglass), a big quartz sand pit (quartz sand being the most important raw material in glass production) and other adventures. There is even a huge dragon called Leandra, who spews out fire and smoke, giving delight to both young and old. 

Water Games: Water is fascinating – and not just for children. The special equipment provided gives you the opportunity to form water into bizarre shapes. 

Pedal Boats: A popular place for relaxing and swimming. There is a wide wooden staircase at the front of the Glasi, taking you down to Lake Lucerne. The pedal boats moored here can be hired for a trip around Hergiswil Bay.

Refreshments: The cafe bar is open for snack all week (except Mondays), while on Saturdays you can also enjoy a drink by the lakeside in the Glasi Bar. 


By Rail: The Glass Factory at Hergiswil can be reached by the Zentralbahn from Lucerne. You should leave the train at Hergiswil train station and not at Hergiswil Matt station. From the Hergiswil train station, the glass works is only a 3 minute walk along the lake. 

By Boat: A beautiful way of getting to the Glassworks is to take the boat from Lucerne. The boat station is just a five minute walk away from the factory. 




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